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We are a dynamic company and we like to make things happen. Here you can find everything about CJR SA.
CJR SA takes part on Braga’s new urban mobility revolution 16 dezembro 2019 / CJR
CJR SA is, since last summer, a part on the urban mobility upgrading that is happening in Braga.
CJR participates in The National Exercice “A Terra Treme” 18 novembro 2019 / CJR
Last Friday, November the 15th, the earth shook and we were all well prepared!
CJR participates in FATACIL 28 agosto 2019 / CJR
Our company, Cândido José Rodrigues, was present at the 40th edition of FATACIL, a crafts, tourism, agriculture, commerce and industry fair, that took place from 16 to 25 of august in...
Percurso do Adarve abre ao público 04 julho 2019 / CJR
It has already opened the most recent touristic attraction in Guimarães signed by CJR SA, the Adarve Path in the city walls, close to the City Council building, right in the middle of the...
Ação de Teambuilding fecha ciclo de formações 27 junho 2019 / CJR
In order to close the training cycle, the CJR employees were invited to participate in a range of activities, on 15 june last, in order to reinforce the team spirit inspired by the Vision, Mission,...
CJR SA responsible for the beneficiation of Terras do Bouro Forest Path 13 junho 2019 / CJR
CJR SA is the company chosen for the Beneficiation of the Forest Path between Leonte and Portela do Homem, in the municipality of Terras do Bouro.
Outdoor Water Museum in Arcos de Valdevez with new life 03 junho 2019 / CJR
The Outdoor Water Museum in Arcos de Valdevez has now a new life thanks to a rehabilitation project that counted with CJR SA participation.
Did you know that SAP syste was implemented in 2015? 03 junho 2019 / CJR
October 2014 represented another milestone of development and growth for our organization with the decision to implement the SAP tool.
400 hours of training in six months 03 junho 2019 / CJR
The Management and Enhancement of Human Capital within the CJR Group is in the sight of organization management politics.
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