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We are a dynamic company and we like to make things happen. Here you can find everything about CJR SA.
Continente de Matosinhos Parking renovated 31 março 2020 / CJR
The supermarket Continente, located in The Norte Shopping, in Matosinhos, relied on Cândido José Rodrigues S.A. to renovate its Parking lot pavement.
March brought a new sales record at the Figueiral Production Center 31 março 2020 / CJR
The Production Center of Figueiral, in the Algarve, registered, last March, a new sales record, surpassing the mark of 4600 tons, the best number since Cândido José Rodrigues S.A took...
Ronfe has a re-qualified cemetery 30 março 2020 / CJR
The village of Ronfe, in Guimarães, has now a rehabilitated and expanded cemetery, in a project that included Cândido José Rodrigues S.A. in its execution.
Unevenness of the Silvares node in good progress 22 março 2020 / CJR
The unevenness of the Silvares Node has begun at the beginning of March and are going at a good pace.
CJR SA is rehabilitating the Matosinhos Continente parking lot 18 março 2020 / CJR
Very soon the customers of the supermarket Continente in Matosinhos, in Norte Shoping, will be able to enjoy a refurbished parking lot, with new flooring and new horizontal signage.
CJR SA will rehabilitate EM 527 in Algarve 12 março 2020 / CJR
The bet, by Cândido José Rodrigues, in the Algarve market, is proving to be a success, with several entities entrusting their projects to the professionalism and experience of CJR SA.
Burger King has arrived to Amarante 21 fevereiro 2020 / CJR
Was opened, this week in Amarante, a new Burger King!
Improvement of the Areia dos Moinhos crossing, in Lagoa, applauded 21 fevereiro 2020 / CJR
Algarve has now one less "black spot" on its road accident map, with CJR SA being an integral part of this change, with the participation in the improvement of the Areia dos Moinhos...
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