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We are a dynamic company and we like to make things happen. Here you can find everything about CJR SA.
CJR SA paves 6.000 m2 in Lagos 21 fevereiro 2020 / CJR
The presence of CJR SA has been increasingly noticed in the Algarve region.
Lagoa has a new BP Supply Station 21 fevereiro 2020 / CJR
The parish of Parchal, in Lagoa, Algarve, has a new BP Supply Station and CJR SA was the company chosen to pave this space.
Via do Infante invigorated 21 fevereiro 2020 / CJR
With about two years of physical implementation in the Algarve, CJR SA has been marking its position in this market, thanks to its professionalism, technical and human capacity.
CJR SA builds industrial pavilion in 3 months 30 janeiro 2020 / CJR
Last December, Cândido José Rodrigues SA handed over the keys to another work, completed with great success and which reflects the capacity and professionalism of the company's civil...
Varziela´s new Ecocenter Transfer System was assisted by CJR SA 24 janeiro 2020 / CJR
Varziela´s Ecocenter, in Vila do Conde, has now a new Transfer System from the selective waste in this municipality, in close collaboration with Cândido José Rodrigues regarding...
Arões Node is already a reality 24 janeiro 2020 / CJR
It has already finished the CJR SA intervention in Arões, a undertaking that comprised the construction of the connecting node of the regional road 206 to the industrial Zone of this parish of...
CJR SA collaborates with Burguer King 24 janeiro 2020 / CJR
We have been seeing, in the past few years, a new market impulse with several companies betting on the Portuguese market for their business expansion, like Mercadona, the largest supermarket chain in...
CJR SA takes part on Braga’s new urban mobility revolution 16 dezembro 2019 / CJR
CJR SA is, since last summer, a part on the urban mobility upgrading that is happening in Braga.
CJR participates in The National Exercice “A Terra Treme” 18 novembro 2019 / CJR
Last Friday, November the 15th, the earth shook and we were all well prepared!
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