Here comes a new training cycle

03 janeiro 2019 / CJR

A new training cycle has begun at CJR Group, promoted by the Human Recourses Department, started in December for about 150 professionals.

This new training cycle has begun with a class about Time and Stress management, and it took place on 12, 13, 18 and 19 of December.

Until April there will be mastered several classes in order to update and refresh knowledge and provide new working tools that will improve everyone’s work. There are 12 classes booked for the next months, in about 108 hours of knowledge sharing on several themes, like Time and Stress management (that took place in December), Leadership, Communication, Conflict Management, Teamworking, Goal Definition, Planning and Management, Finances for non-financiers, Strategy, Mindfulness, Business Legislation, Communication Performance Evaluation and Digital Processes.

The constant training is very important for CJR Group and one of it’s biggest concerns, because it guaranties that the CJR Group professionals are always motivated and a step forward regarding the market requirements.


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