Did you know that SAP syste was implemented in 2015?

03 junho 2019 / CJR


This project surprised by its rapid implementation, since it had april 2015 as an objective for the productive entry of this system.

Having as a basic principle: meet the needs of the CJR Group in the integration of all management information, SAP has transformed the organizational paradigm, shaping internal systems for a more effective and efficient response.  

According to Rui Ribeiro, SAP Management Control, "the implementation of the SAP system in the CJR Group ensured the integration of most processes in order to foster an updated information system aligned with the reality of the organization," ensuring thus an "optimization of  information flow in real time, making the company more competitive, with more accurate data and consequently making the decisions more agile and assertive, which allows a more precise control of all processes." 

For future, Rui Ribeiro highlights the new S / 4 Hana version "An evolution necessary to respond to the current and future challenges of the whole organization and whose implementation should occur in the years 2020/21", but notes that "the life cycle of an ERP does not end with its implementation". 



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