400 hours of training in six months

03 junho 2019 / CJR

 An example of this, is the investment made in the training of group's employees. May marked the end of a cycle of 6 months of training, where 11 trainers provided more than 400 hours of training to about 250 trainees from the CJR Group.

For Vera Moreira, Talent Manager and promoter of the project, the intention was "to bring up the skills of our employees in order to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding market and to be prepared to overcome the challenges in a competitive manner", and in order to make it real "our training policy must be understood by all, as an indispensable practice for our employees ". At the closing session, Vera Moreira also congratulated all the participants in the process who, through their involvement and their search for personal and professional improvement, added value to themselves and to the Group "Thank you and continue to spread our energy", concludes Vera.

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