CJR SA will rehabilitate EM 527 in Algarve

12 março 2020 / CJR


The bet, by Cândido José Rodrigues, in the Algarve market, is proving to be a success, with several entities entrusting their projects to the professionalism and experience of CJR SA, proof of this is the most recent adjudication by the City Council from Lagos, to CJR, the rehabilitation of the Municipal Road 527 – Quatro Estradas / Praia da Luz.

The work will consist of the requalification of Municipal Road 527, between Quatro Estradas and Rua do Ramalhete in Praia da Luz, and will be based on an urban model, providing for a 0,40 meter curb, a 0.60 meter ditch, a strip of 5 meter run, with two directions for car and bicycle traffic, a walkway for pedestrians with 1,85 meters wide and a continuous lighting system.


The long-awaited execution of this project is scheduled to start at the end of the bathing season in order to reduce the natural constraints of such an undertaking among visitors to this region, one of the Algarve’s most sought in the summer.

For Filipe Nunes, responsible for the CJR SA unit in the Algarve, this is a very important project, “not only because of the business volume it brings, but also because of the visibility it gives to Cândido José Rodrigues, with very important strategic partners in the Algarve region”, adding that “this project is the result of the work and investment that has been done by the company in this region, revealing that CJR SA’s commitment to the Algarve is consistent and focused on success”.

This is a project that will demonstrate Cândido José Rodrigues working execution ability and will attest the company as a strategic and reliable partner also in the south of the country.


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