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We are a dynamic company and we like to make things happen. Here you can find everything about CJR SA.
Cabeceiras de Basto: CJR performs pavements 15 junho 2016 / CJR
The CJR will perform the repaving of EM526 in place of Bucos Parish.
CJR receives another contract from SONAE 15 junho 2016 / CJR
Having made all parking of SONAE Group's, CJR will conduct further work.
Work of more than one million euros awarded to CJR 15 junho 2016 / CJR
CJR will perform all work necessary to perform various pavements in Viana do Castelo. Since the rehabilitation works will start soon. 
30 maio 2016 / CJR
CJR Group supports police on a mission to Santiago de Compostela 17 maio 2016 / CJR Group
A Young Group of the National Republican Guard (Portuguese police authority) run, within two weeks, on a mission to Santiago de Compostela.
CJR sponsors Urban Rehabilitation Conference, in Viana do Castelo 17 maio 2016 / CJR
CJR sponsors the Urban Rehabilitation Conference, organized by the city of Viana do Castelo, and chaired several major figures on the national scene. In this the intention is to discuss the...
CJR supports Motocross Championship of Vieira do Minho 17 maio 2016 / CJR
To be held on 12 June, the Motocross Championship this year has the support of the CJR.
Candoso soccer field built by CJR 15 abril 2016 / CJR
CJR is running all the work needed to produce the soccer field of Candoso where two football fields will be held: one of eleven , and another of seven will be implemented .
15 abril 2016 / CJR
CJR IS in the competition for the Municipality of Lagoa and for Municipality of Lagos . At this moment CJR ( Cândido José Rodrigues ) is first in the race.
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