Ronfe has a re-qualified cemetery

30 março 2020 / CJR
The village of Ronfe, in Guimarães, has now a rehabilitated and expanded cemetery, in a project that included Cândido José Rodrigues S.A. in its execution.
The work consisted on the opening of 32 new graves and the renovation of part of the cement sidewalks that were rebuilt in concrete pavement known as “pavê”.
The requalification of this space meets the need felt in this village, which has about 4500 inhabitants.
The project had a duration of 30 days and the greatest difficulty felt in its execution was due to the fact that it is a confined space, making it impossible for equipment to enter, forcing the work to be done manually, and therefore, in a more time-consuming way. In addition to the procedures that are normally adopted in any work, this one, by its nature, took special care, with the work going on always taking into account the symbolic load of this space and the people who visit it.
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